Man discovers creepy ‘hidden room’ in his house that he didn’t know existed

A man is giving people nightmares after finding a ‘hidden room’ in his house – four years after he moved into the property.

TikTok user @everydaytoking created a video documenting his find, in which he shows that on the second storey of his house there is a window for the bedroom, a second for the bathroom, and a third unexplained one between.

He then takes the camera inside and shows that there is no door between the two rooms, adding that he had no idea where the third window went to – so he climbs onto the roof to investigate.

At the end of the short clip, the man can be seen climbing onto the roof and knocking on the window, then the clip abruptly ends as what appears to be a knock back is heard.

Posting the video with the title ‘the scare I got when I discovered this third room’, the man added captions to a few scenes in the clip which describe what he is doing.

The first one appears as he is stood in his garden, looking up at the windows on the rear of his property and he wrote: “I’ve lived here for years and I’ve never noticed this room.”

He then zooms in on the strange window, and adds: ” This middle room”

He then enters the house and shows the interior, proving that the window doesn’t relate to a room in the house, adding: “Only two rooms up here, where’s the middle room?”

Finally he adds: “Something’s fishy, time to investigate”, before climbing onto the roof and knocking on the window.

The video has received over 88,000 views and thousands of likes, alongside comments from social media users curious about the room.

One follower said: “How do you not notice missing space for four years.”

A second added: “Did something knock back though?”

And a third user wrote: “Tap came back from that window.”

But one TikTok user appeared to have the answer, and wrote: “The builders who did the bathroom cut a few corners”

And that opinion was seconded, as someone wrote: “They’ve put a new window in bathroom and just boarded over the old one when renovating the bathroom.”